Hebrew chant is a form of prayer and meditation that includes the melodic and rhythmic repetition of a sacred phrase. For many this has become an important spiritual practice to open the doors of the heart, quiet the mind, awaken our inner wisdom and to viscerally embody the words of our tradition. When we allow a chant to lead us into the silence that follows, we have an opportunity to listen for the voice of the Divine within us.

The  practice of Hebrew chant has created a pathway for many to understand the deeper significance of our inherited tradition, and to create a bridge of personal meaning & connection to the text.*

Chanting does not require knowledge of Hebrew nor confidence in one’s “singing” voice. Only a desire to engage and to open your heart.


Monthly Chant Circle @ JCC Manhattan 

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I am a grateful graduate of Rabbi Shefa Gold’s Kol Zimra chant leadership program

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Abundance:  Psalm 4:7

Cohanim Blessing – Birkat Cohanim


Faith: I believe Ani Ma’amin

God’s House: Psalm 27:4

God’s Light: Psalm 27:1

God Consciousness: Psalm 16:8

Gratitude: Modai Ani

Happiness: Psalm 84:5

Heart Support: Psalm 112

Let Your Love Flow

Omer Prayer of Grace and Blessing Psalm 67:2

Our Light in God’s Light: Psalm 36:9

Protection Blessing: Psalm 121:8

Shecheyanu: Fully Present to Life

Soul Life: Call and Response

Trust: Psalm 84:13