Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a time dedicated to listening, reflecting, and witnessing you on your life’s path. Sometimes the sessions may be focused on a challenging relationship, recent loss, or perhaps a desire for support and guidance as one moves forward on their spiritual journey.

Simply having someone to talk to and hear you deeply can be healing. Getting a fresh perspective or learning a new spiritual practice can begin to create a shift in a problem area.

With each person I offer the intention of deep listening and support in their healing, growing and thriving.

At the end of spiritual counseling sessions many report they feel better~ unburdened, lighter, and gain a new way to understand themselves and their challenges that begins their path of healing.


Rav Shoshana has surpassed my expectations about working with a spiritual counselor. Using her intelligence, creativity and rich life experience she has been able to grasp nuances and offer insights that allow me to move forward in my life.  Her deep listening skills and spiritual capacity  enable me to explore areas in my life that have led to deeper self-reflection, appreciation and wholeness. Her generosity of spirit along with her intention to promote healing are balm to the soul. Anyone who has the privilege of working with her is truly blessed.~ Hannah, New York City

  • Rabbinical school concentration: pastoral counseling
  • Clinical pastoral education~ four hundred hours
  • Hospice Chaplain
  • 1 year training in an embodied psycho-spiritual meditation practice:Realization Process.
  • 2015-6 Studying for a certificate in Positive Psychology.

Appointments may be made by phone or email: 914 393-9261 or rabbi@ravshoshana.com