Bracha Boyk Rust and Rav Shoshana

I am enough because I am Yours 2x
I am Yours and You are Mine
You are Mine and I am Yours
I am beloved You are with me
You are with me and I am loved
Every breath is Yours, it flows through me
It flows through me, every breath is Yours
My heart is Yours, and Yours is mine
Your heart is mine and mine is Yours
All of your grace, flows down through me
Flowing through me is all Your grace
I open up and allow You in
I allow You in and I open up
You are with me, I am with You
I am with You, You are with me
I am enough, because I am Yours 2x

Each Wednesday for the last number of years Bracha and I have joined together on the phone for chanting, sacred listening and spiritual hevruta. One morning I shared that I had taken quiet a spill on a marble floor and cut my elbow down to the bone. In talking about it I realized that I had been rushing around and that this rushing came from some deeper place inside that pushed me to do and do, for at some level I don’t feel that I am enough in my being. This chant emerged from this sharing and was developed jointly. For anyone who experiences that feeling of not being enough, this chant is a good reminder for us all, that we are enough merely by being.


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