Grace Fills My Body

Grace, grace grace it fills my body
Grace, grace, grace it fills my soul
Grace, grace, grace it’s all around me
Grace, grace, grace to overflow.

Peace, peace, peace it fills my body
Peace, peace, peace it fills my soul
Peace, peace, peace it’s all around me
Peace, peace, peace to overflow

Love, love, love it fills my body
Love, love, love it fills my soul
Love, love, love it’s all around me
Love, love, love to overflow.

I have been doing Transcendental Meditation for about 5 o 6 years and try to fit it in twice a day, but at least every morning for sure. One morning I went into a meditation that felt so deep and calming and peaceful that it enveloped my body and I felt it deep in my soul. It was such a delightful, pleasurable experience that I wanted to hold the intention to share these feelings of grace, peace and love with others. Psalm 23:5 teaches Kosi Revaya (my cup overflows). May grace, peace and love overflow from each of us, one to the other.


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