Please Help Me To Connect with You

Please help me, to connect with You 2x
Please plug me in, so I’m connected to You 2x

Cause it all flows, from my connection to You 2x
In my body-body, heart, and mind. 2x

So my body-body, heart, and mind
has the thoughts, actions, deeds that are full of Love,
and they flow into the world, with my great love for You. 2x

Cause it all flows, from my love for You 2x
in my body -body, heart, and mind 2x

From my plug-in, to Your Great Great Love 2x
it all flows, from my connection to You 2x

Please help me to connect, and plug in to You 2x
cause it all flows, from my connection to You 2x

May my love for you, may it flow to the world 4x

While many of us no longer listen to the radio, we can still relate to the concept of tuning into a particular station or frequency to receive a message. Or perhaps a more relevant metaphor would be to know that when our phones are plugged in they have the juice they need to work. We too need to plug in to get the juice we need to work at maximum effectiveness-our plug in, is the Source of our Lives, the Source of Love.

In a world with many distractions it can often be challenging to create this connection and plug in to this frequency.

This chant, along with the constant drumming, is a type of shamanic journey taking us to a place of connection and flow. With this connection, we hope our lives are sourced from a place of high frequency, love and flow for ourselves, and flowing outward to others as well.


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