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Welcome. Or as we say in Hebrew, Shalom.

I began my rabbinic career in traditional synagogue settings, but over the years I have honed my calling into spiritual leadership that places the “call of the soul “at the center. I believe that when we listen to our souls we are guided for blessing and well-being. I offer this pathway to the call of the soul through 3 distinct ways that offer deep sacred space in intimate ways.

Please email me for more information on any and all of these opportunities at rabbi@ravshoshana.com.

  1. Soul Spa Fridays
    People are invited to join this drop-in sacred holy space as a way to connect deeply to themselves and one another. As this developed during the Pandemic of 2020 we have been co-creating a virtual sacred mikveh of nourishing, nurturing space to witness and share with one another from the deepest places inside our wells of being. We engage in chants prayers, yoga/body movement and breathing. It has been described as a deeply peaceful loving place for the soul and body. An energetic exchange of $18 is asked for each Soul Spa, but no one is turned away for lack of funds.
  2. Monthly Chant Circle
    Chanting is also a way into connection with the soul. I co-lead a chant circle with like-minded people who understand that opening the portal from earth to heaven is more easily accessed through the vibration energy of various chants. Chants are like supplements: one “takes” the ones that speak to you in intention, words and melody. We repeat a sacred phrase a number of times to generate energy, and after concluding the chanting, we take a few minutes in silence to see what insights, images or ideas come to us in the quiet. Together we form a sacred community to witness and share the effects of our chanting practice.
  3. Soul Speak Spiritual Counseling
    It is my heart’s desire to sit with sacred souls one on one, to listen deeply and to reflect what I hear the soul saying. For most of us, as we have moved away from childhood, we have lost that deeper connection to our soul’s guidance. Often we are not living our lives sourced from the impulses, intuition and guidance of our souls. The soul never steers us in the wrong direction, but often when we listen to our heads and the accompanying fears, we are not led to places that offer a chance for the full-flowing life force to emerge. My rabbinical training in pastoral care coupled with my positive psychology certificate and coaching skills enable me to listen deeply, to reflect back and to pose meaningful questions. With this approach I let the heart and soul lead the spiritual counseling process with the intention of wanting to help people move forward with less suffering and more engagement and well being in their lives… a pathway towards connection, meaning, healing and wholeness.

With blessings,

~ Rav Shoshana