The Other Dressing Room

April 5th, 2020 by Rav Shoshana

Fear and anxiety grip my body
like shirts and pants 2 sizes too small.

I am shrink-wrapped under the weight of it all…

Where is my breath?

and then some part deep inside remembers…

There is another dressing room…
where the clothes aren’t as tight…
and the breath is easier
no words, no news, no panic

It is the panic room,
but I go here to undress the panic… to leave it behind…

Here, hangers line the clothesline with choices…

Brown clothes like the earth to ground my being
Blue clothes like the sky to remind me of the wide expanse
White clothes that speak of a time when the Breath of All Life created me
Yellow/Orange/Red clothes like the flame inside my heart
that yearns for Universal Love and Connection.

These are the clothes I choose to put on today…

These are the clothes that will radiate eternal truth throughout all time

These are the clothes that will serve me and others best…

May I remember this other dressing room and my choices at any given moment.

And may I adorn myself with the jewelry of faith, hope and
the beauty, creativity, and resiliency of the human spirit.

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  1. June 25, 2020 at 12:22 pm, Amber I Ikeman said:

    This is SO beautiful! Thank you <3


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