Training and Experience:

  • Rabbinic ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York in 2007 with a concentration in pastoral counseling; award for outstanding sermonizing
  • Worked in traditional synagogues for six years; officiated at all life-cycles events
  • Faculty; Melton School of Adult Learning in Westchester New York & Greenwich Ct.
  • Jewish Chaplain: Hospice of Westchester and Putnam
  • Trained in clinical pastoral education – one 400 hr unit
  • Graduate of Institute of Jewish Spirituality
  • Graduate of Chant Leadership Program
  • CLAL’s Rabbis Without Borders Fellow


Story behind the facts:

While I always identified as a Jew, I had little appreciation of how Judaism could enrich my life. When I became a mother I wanted to pass on the wisdom of Jewish tradition to our children yet I needed to study in order to share it.

As I began to learn and absorb the beauty of our prayers, the wisdom of our stories and the meaning of our sacred rhythm of life I found myself on a spiritual journey I could never have imagined. Over time my life was infused with meaning, connection, joy and healing. I found myself wanting to share the riches of Judaism with others and to show its relevance in contemporary life.  

In having answered the call to be a rabbi, my intention is to serve Jews of all backgrounds and to offer them- you- a personal, authentic, meaningful Jewish experience. That experience may be celebrating a life-cycle event, taking a class, participating in a chant circle, or meeting one-on-one to study and explore how a deeper connection to Judaism and God might add meaning to your life.