Weekly Pause on the Holy Mountain

May 30th, 2020 by Rav Shoshana

Shavua Shabbat Aliyah

Each week we stand at the footsteps of the mountain
and we prepare to climb…
unloading the heavy burdens that weigh us down…
the knapsack of worries,
      the heavy coat of concerns,
            the lifetime of stories we carry…

As we make our way, discarding the veil—
we create spaciousness for the deepest desires of our hearts to be answered;
we create silence in which the still small voice of the One can be heard
we create a consciousness in which the breathe of all life comes through us….

we yearn to receive that which is ours to receive
so that we may bestow that which is ours to give.

We ask that our eyes are made bright to see Your wisdom, Your grace, Your love,
that our eyes may reveal the holy Presence that is always in our midst.

2 candles guide our way up the mountain
the grape vines add sweetness to the journey
and manna from heaven provides for our needs.

This is the place in which the beginning of all life unfolded
this is where creation manifests the glory and honor of the One
this is where we receive the nectar that will nourish us….

The light and truth of the One dwells here
This sacred dwelling place nurtures the Oneness that dwells within
Each week our Shabbat aliyah brings us to this Holy mountain
and we dwell here to absorb the mystical, magical energy that will fuel us as we return down the mountain.

As we take leave, the sight of the grape vine on the hillside reminds us we will meet these vines again next week as we make the climb. PAUSE

The sadness of separation is held by the sweet smelling aroma that fills our bodies

and the interwoven light of separation reminds us we are connected by the One breathe –
the inter-connected web that can never be divided.

May the revelation, creation, light and truth atop the holy mountain be planted inside us…
may we bring these gifts to all the places we touch, and transform them into sacred dwelling places of the everyday, imbued with the holiness of this revelation.

Inspired by Rabbi Yael Levy’s teachings on the Omer
and by Psalm 43:3-4
Y’vi’uni al har kodesha v’al mishkenotecha
Light and Truth, Your light and Your truth
will bring me to Your Holy mountain
and to Your dwelling places…

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