Hebrew chant is a form of prayer and meditation that includes the melodic and rhythmic repetition of a sacred phrase. For many this has become an important spiritual practice to open the doors of the heart, quiet the mind, awaken our inner wisdom and to viscerally embody the words of our tradition. When we allow a chant to lead us into the silence that follows, we have an opportunity to listen for the voice of the Divine within us.

The  practice of Hebrew chant has created a pathway for many to understand the deeper significance of our inherited tradition, and to create a bridge of personal meaning & connection to the text.*

Chanting does not require knowledge of Hebrew nor confidence in one’s “singing” voice. Only a desire to engage and to open your heart.


Monthly Chant Circle @ JCC Manhattan

Given the pandemic, the monthly JCC chant circle is being held by Zoom. Please email Shoshana at for upcoming dates and for access information.

Graduate of Kol Zimra
I am a grateful graduate of Rabbi Shefa Gold’s Kol Zimra chant leadership program.

To order The Magic of Hebrew Chant book by Rabbi Shefa Gold visit the bookstore on her website.



Click a chant’s name to view and listen to a chant. NEW indicates that the chant has been recently uploaded.

Abundance: Psalm 4:7

Align with Love: Deuteronomy 19:9 (August 2020)

Angel Chants:
    Angel Chant (inspired by the Shema L’Mittah)

    V’havienu L’ Shalom (Angelic Realm of Peace, Light and Love)

Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi (August, 2020)

Baruch Atah: I Don’t Know

Betrothal: Hosea 2:21-22

The Breath Is the Light (June, 2020)

Cohanim Blessing — Birkat Cohanim

Connected, Supported, Guided and Loved (April, 2021) NEW

Connecting Earth to Heaven (February, 2020)

Don’t Worry ~ It Doesn’t Change Things!

Dream Your Dreams (November, 2020)

Elemental Connection (January, 2021) NEW

Elul- and HHD-related Chants:
    Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi: Song of Songs 6:3
    Cast Up Your Burdens: Psalm 55:23
    Elul Modah Ani
    Elul Niggun
    God’s House: Psalm 27:4
    God’s Light: Psalm 27:1
    Listen to Your Soul
    Time To Return: Hosea 14:2

Endless Light


Faith: I believe (Ani Ma’amin)

Flow of Faith

Fuel the Fire; Never Let it Die (April, 2021) NEW

Give It Up to God (2017)

God Is with You: Genesis 39:3

God Consciousness: Psalm 16:8

God Is with Me; I’m Not Afraid (2014)

God of All Breath and of All Flesh: Numbers 27:15

God’s Blessing Lullaby of Unconditional Love (June, 2020)

Good Seeds Chants
    “Forgive them they know not what they do.” ~Jesus Christ
    “Make friends with the Mystery” ~Frances Vaughan
    “The most important practice is to not harden your heart” ~Saint Benedict
    “What God wants most is that you share your heart with him/her.” ~Reb Zalman, z”l

Grace Fills My Body

Hallelujah (January, 2021) NEW

Happiness: Psalm 84:5

Healing into Wholeness (October, 2017)

Heart Support: Psalm 112

Held in the Hand of God’s Grace: Isaiah 62:3 (December, 2019)

Here I Am Please Send Me: Isaiah 6:8 (June, 2020)

Hodu: Psalm 136:1

Holy Mountain; Holy Shechinah: Psalm 43:3

Holy Opening: Exodus 29:42 (February, 2021) NEW

I Am with You in This Awesome Place

I Don’t Know and It’s OK I Don’t (May, 2019)

Let Me Be My Prayer to You (August, 2020)

Let My Soul Fly to God (September, 2017)

Let Your Love Flow

Life Affirming (November, 2020)

Life Is a Blessing (July, 2019)

Listen for Great Love

Love into the Brokenness (July, 2020)

Lovers of Peace

Ma Tovu (November, 2020)

Make for Me a Place for My Spirit: Exodus 25:8 (February, 2020)

Make My Eyes Light

May You Follow the Beat of Your Heart

Modai Ani Chants (2014-2021) NEW

The Mystery of Healing

Nachamu: Comfort (2020-2021) NEW

Niggunim (2020)

No Pressure (March, 2019)

Om Makom Shalom (2012)

Omer Prayer of Grace and Blessing: Psalm 67:2

Our Light in God’s Light: Psalm 36:9

Pause, Stop and Rest (March, 2020)

Please Help Me Find My Way

Please Help Me To Connect with You

Power of Healing (October, 2017)

Protection: I Am Your Shield (October, 2020)

Protection Blessing: Psalm 121:8


Remember I’m with You (December, 2020)

See Your Presence, Please (February, 2019)

Seeing God’s Glory (March, 2020)

Shecheyanu Chants NEW

Shechinah: Feminine Presence/Great Mother Chants (2015-2019)

Shema Chants (2015-2020)

Spirit of God

Stay in the Light (2018)

Staying in My Power

Soul Life: Call and Response

The Source of Light Will Shine Upon You: Isaiah 60:2

The Spirit is Flowing

Subway Shield of Protection

Thank You for All of My Gifts (2019)

This Soul Is Pure (April, 2021) NEW

Together Forever As One (May, 2020)

Transform the Struggle: Numbers 21:16

Trust: Psalm 84:13

Universal Peace (September 2020)

We Have Never Been Apart

The Weight of the World (February, 2019)

You Are Love

You Belong to Me (March, 2020)

You Don’t Have to Know the Way