Dream Your Dreams

Kislev’s Dreams

May you dream, oh may you dream your dream 2x
Courage to take the 1st step, just one step
and know the dream’s a message from your soul.

(November, 2020)
In the deep dark of the month of Kislev (often in December) Jewish tradition teaches that the darkness offers endless possibilities through our dreams. We are invited to leave our rational thinking behind, that which we can know and see in the light, and enter the darkness. Here we give way to our imagination and other realms of consciousness that can inspire and express creativity. It is understood that dreams are a message from our soul. May this chant help ignite our courage to listen to the deep realm where our dreams live and help coach them forth for expression.

Note: The melody for this chant and Om Shalom Salaam Shanti are both from Align with Love, which is a strong melody of connection for me and I hope for you as well).


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