Give It Up to God

Give it up to God and let God carry it 3x
Give it up to God and let it go.

(created in 2017)
Holding extra troubles and worries can lend a heaviness to one’s energy field and a burden on the head and heart.

Many years ago as part of my rabbinical studies I completed a course in CPE, clinical pastoral education. As part of the program I was in a cohort of multi faith clergy and one woman in particular used to speak about giving it up to God. It sounded like a Christian notion and one I couldn’t relate to at the time. But many years later, with burdens that seemed too heavy for me to carry myself, the option of “giving it up to God” was appealing.

The 2nd time it is chanted its in a higher version and as I chant it I can imagine a bird like a carrier pigeon coming to get my worries and burdens and lift them up and take them away from me and for any one of us who wishes to unburden themselves.

May this practice aid you in that pathway of sending it up and out and letting it all go.


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