God of All Breath and of All Flesh

Numbers 27:15

God of All Breath Hebrew
Elohai. Haruchot l’chol basar:
Elohai Elohai, Elohai Haruchot l’chol basar, l’chol basar

Oh my God of all breath, Oh my God of all breath and of all flesh
the Source of One.

We are One, of the breath
We are One of the breath, and of the flesh, all from One Source.

We are all, of One breath, we are all of One breath and of one flesh,

all from One Source….

The breathe of life is what connects us one to the other. During the Pandemic of 2020 breathe was the critical connector to all our challenges. The earth was having trouble breathing with raging fires and smoke, it was hard to breathe for some people who got Covid-19 and they were put on ventilators; and when George Floyd was killed his last words were, “I cant’ breathe. It seems these problems were all trying to wake us up to understand that unless we take care of one another and understand that we are all One, we won’t survive or thrive.


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