Held in the Hand of God’s Grace

Isaiah 62:3

“You shall be a glorious crown in the hand of the Lord”

V’hayit ateret tiferet, ateret tiferet b’yad havayah

Dear God, Help me not suffer
Let me be in Your Hand with the grace of Your Love
With the grace of Your Love, let me be in Your hands
Let me feel Your Hands holding and guiding me to Your Light

In Your Light, I can see light
With Your Light and Your Love and Your Truth guiding me…

A fellow chant colleague, Toni Whitmont brought this verse to my attention. The melody and Hebrew came and then the English expanded beyond the literal meaning of the verse. This is a direct appeal to God to remove suffering. Cheri Huber teaches in her book Suffering is Optional, it is our choice whether we want to hold onto what we think life “should be” or accept “what is.” The choice is ours but its not always easy. Knowing God is holding us in God’s hands with grace may help make the journey a bit easier.


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