Holy Mountain, Holy Shechinah

Psalm 43:3

Holy Mountain, Holy Shechinah in Hebrew (Psalm 43:3)
Yviuni, al har kodesheka, v’al mishknotecha
Light and Truth,
Your Light and Your Truth,
will bring me to Your Holy Mountain
and to Your dwelling places

May, 2020
I felt strongly drawn to Shechinah energy, and I was directed to this psalm which animated me when I read it in Rabbi Yael Levy’s book Directing the Heart. It felt especially relevant as it emerged immediately after Shavuot.

When I read the words I realized I wanted to get to the top of God’s holy mountain. I wanted to get there and to be on the very top of the mountain. To go as high as I could go with that eagle’s view, and perception and perspective. Bring me high — God. Then when I come down off the mountain, I felt that I was instructed to take the energy of revelation through light and truth and to create these dwelling places where Shechinah from this high energy vibration can dwell. Wherever God’s light and truth is brought forth, that’s where God dwells.

The energy of this chant came through me with the strong guidance of Shechinah. I felt Her desire for there to be many dwelling places for Her, not just on top of the holy mountain, but in the dwelling of everyday life.


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