Holy Opening

inspired by Exodus 29:42

Holy Opening in Hebrew (Exodus 42:29-30)
Petach Ohel Moed Lifnei Adonai 2x
I will meet you at the Opening and there we will speak 2x

V’n’kdash bich’vodi 2x
I will make holy each opening with blessing and honor
I will make holy each opening with blessing and glory
Each opening’s a portal, a connection to Me 2x

Shama, shama petach ohel moed 2x

There are times in our lives when we feel deeply connected to the One. It can come in unexpected ways where we feel the Oneness of our being and the Energy that connects us to the all. Other times, there can be feelings that trigger sadness, disconnection, anger, hurt and these are also pathways of connection for us. In the Torah we are told that God meets Moshe at the opening of the tent of meeting and that is where they converse. These moments in our lives can be the junctures that offer a chance to speak with the One and have new openings in our lives uncovered.

These openings may be more difficult to traverse and withstand perhaps. Yet when we do the work to uncover what is underneath the feeling, with the help of prayer, journaling, meditation and perhaps the help of a spiritual counselor, they are their own portals. They can open up a connection that is less obvious for deep healing. The rhythm of the chant and accompanying drumming creates a lot of energy and feels like it is opening up a portal for connection like a shamanic journey. May we heighten our awareness of the opportunities for meeting the One at the holy opening.


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