Let My Soul Fly to God

Let my soul fly to God, to bring heaven to earth
and may I thank you God, for the gifts of this life.
I will savor them all, on each side of “the dash”
filled with light and love, in the here and the now.

(September, 2017)
I was standing on the a quiet beach in Neapeague on Long Island, New York. It seems the beach is always calling me to my highest connection to God and to myself. I had been reading a book called Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, which speaks about tethering oneself to the Oneness of consciousness. The concept of “the dash” I credit to my lifelong friend Lori Blaustein Garfinkel. Her mother had died around this time, and she spoke about the critical consciousness of living fully on both sides of “the dash” — birth and death.

This chant is a good one to use when we want to raise our consciousness beyond time and space. It can help us to connect to heavenly energies and bring them to earth through our soul’s connection to God.


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