Listen for Great Love

Shema, Shema, ahaha rabba 4x
Listen, listen for Great Love; Listen, listen there’s Great Love.2x
For you, for me, for you, for me, for you, for me, for all. 2x
There’s a great love, there’s pure love, there’s a great love, there’s great love.

In the paragraph before the Shema prayer, which speaks of listening for the Oneness of God, there is prayer that speaks of God’s Great Love for us (Hebrew: ahaha rabbah). There was a time in my life when I needed to bring more love into my love, and also wanted to invite more love into my adult children’s lives as well. There is Great Love available to all of us from the Source of Life who gave us life. Like a parent, this Source/Spirit loves us dearly and greatly, more than we sometimes love ourselves. This Great Love has a different quality than human love — it is unconditional, unwavering, always flowing from the Source of Life.

When we are in need of love, or to love others are they are, may we chant these words to help us listen for the Great Love that is already available to us and to bring this Great Love from Source into our hearts.

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