May You Follow the Beat of Your Heart

May you follow the beat of your heart 4x
and know that I am with you

May you answer the call of your soul 4x
and know that Your Light in My light

May you heal the wounds that hurt 4x
and know that I love you so.

One morning I stood by the window in our apartment and looked out onto the FDR. It is a highway that runs by the East River in New York City with cars dashing to and fro at all hours of the day and night. These words came to me and I chanted them to each of the cars passing by, hoping that they might be elevated to a soul level for connection, happiness, and healing.

Following the beat of our hearts means to be aware of what animates us, which experiences, opportunities and people excite us, and to follow the beat of our hearts when we feel this excitement. To answer the call of our souls, is to create awareness of what nurtures us on the soul level and to follow that pathway. And, all of us have wounds, and to know God/Spirit/Source is with us sending us a loving healing balm always.

As I witnessed myself drumming and chanting onto this highway sending these prayers and blessings to random people, I dubbed myself “the high priestess of the FDR highway.” May we all be high priests and priestesses sending out blessings for goodness to our fellow man/woman.


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