Omer Prayer of Grace and Blessing Psalm 67:2



Elohim y’choneinu, v’vrchainu, y’air panev etanu — sela

God be gracious unto us, and bless us;
may God cause God’s face to shine toward us; Selah

The fulfillment of the mitzvah of counting of an Omer of wheat beginning the 2nd night of Passover continuing until Shavuot is an ancient mitzvah with origins in our agricultural roots. The Kabbalists have created a relevant way to count the omer by working on the soul traits of the Kabbalist tree of life. Rabbi Min Kantromwitz in her book Counting the Omer, highlights Psalm 67 as an important practice during this time. The second verse jumped out at me as a way to ask God to grace and bless us during this time as we refine our soul traits and create a pathway of purity for receiving Torah on Shavuot. The intention of this chant can be used during  the Omer period, or any time one wants to invoke grace and blessing.


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