Soulful Grounding Niggun

(October, 2020)
In the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election there was a confluence of chaotic energy in the air. It was also a time when many planets were in retrograde and of course the pandemic. I sang this niggun almost every day in the month leading up to Nov 3rd and it grounded me deeply. I was also inspired to add some of the words of Modai Ani or you could add any words that animate you. Use this chant when you need to ground yourself and if you drum, it adds to the depth of the grounding energy. For added intention see what image may come to you after the chant that makes you feel grounded. When I offered this in my Soul Spa circle some envisioned a spaceship in the ground protecting them with the nose sticking out ready for take off; for others they envisioned roots wrapped around their feet and body. See what image may come to you.


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