Spirit of God

Genesis 41:38

Spirit of God in Hebrew

Ruach Elohim Bo (Ba)
Ruach Elohim Bi
B’chol, ruach Elohim
In him (her) flows the spirit of the One
In me flows the spirit of the One
The One in all, flowing spirit
The One that’s flowing in me and you.

It is Pharoah in the Joseph stories who recognizes that the spirit of God is in Joseph. He says to his courtiers, “Could we find another like him, a man in whom is the spirit of God.” This chant reminds us that the Spirit of God is in all of us. May it help us remember our worthiness and the worthiness of each person we meet. I expanded the Torah verse to include ourselves and others. The English is my interpretation. For inclusivity I have added Ba: meaning “the spirit of God is in her” as well.


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