Stay in the Light

Stay in the Light 4x
Open to the Light 4x
Hold on to the Light 4x
Surrender and let it go to the Light 4x
Go to the Light 4x
With every step, walk in the Light 4x
With every breath, breath in the Light 4x
With every prayer, receive the Light 4x
Choose the Light 4x
Dwell in the Light 4x
Stay in the Light 4x

Actually created in 2018

In the Fall of 2018 a member of my family faced a health crisis that was very frightening. We thought they might die and I was extremely scared. In the days following the diagnosis I prayed harder than I had ever prayed in my life. I prayed like my life depended upon it, and like their life depended upon it, and it did.

On the 2nd day after offering my urgent and fervent prayers, amidst the silence and the tears, I heard the words, “Stay in the Light” It’s as if the words came to me in a clarion call. I heard them with such deep clarity and inner knowing that this was the guidance that I needed. I was living in a foxhole of no control and once the doctor appointments were made and the surgery scheduled, I didn’t know what to do or how to think. I was so sacred…The lack of control was obvious, visceral and painful. There was only one option at any point along the way, and it was to “stay in the light.” God was saying to me… no matter what happens the only control, the only choice you have is whether or not you choose to stay in the light… and to let go of the lack of control and send it up The Light.

“Stay with Me” God was saying — that is your only option right now. Be with me, pray to me, ask for help, ask for guidance. This is the only way to move forward. May these practices, either all of them, or any combination that resonates with you or that you want to add, serve and support you in your own life… with eternal blessings that each of us choose the Light and stay there.


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