Subway Shield of Protection

Shield my body with Your deep love, in every cell. 2x
So I may do Your will, so I may do Your will. 2x

Moving to New York City after living in the suburbs for thirty years, my body was traumatized. There was so much energy coming at me: walking in the streets, going into stores, and mostly in the subway. For many months I couldn’t even withstand the energy of the subway with too many people and being underground. I felt unprotected.

I had been chanting Rabbi Shefa Gold’s chant called My Protection, so the melody already evoked in me a sense of protection. These words in English deepened my experience of asking for protection down to the cellular level… and now I can say I put up an invisible shield of protection when I leave my apartment and am riding the subway with much more permanent protection of my energy field.

For anyone who feels their energy is more porous than they would like, this chant is for you.


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