The Mystery of Healing

Exodus 15:26

For I am the Mystery (God) your healer.
Kee, Ani Adonai Rofecha..
ru’fua’at hanefesh v’rufu’at ha guf.

For, I am the Mystery, Your healer
For, I am the Mystery Healer
For, I am the Mystery, Your healer
The Mystery of healing,
healing body and soul.

As it often the case, one thing in life leads to another. In reading Rabbi Yael Levy’s Directing the Heart she brought my attention to this line from Parshat Beshallah. In her commentary, and in this verse specifically, she refers to God as the Mystery. I was inspired to sing these words and added, rufu’at hanefesh v’rufu’at haguf (healing of body and soul)*, as I believe there are many levels of healing that can transpire. This and all of life is a mystery, large and small for how it unfolds.

The first part of the chant is repetitive, foundational establishing a floor of faith and connection to God.

May these words and their energy be received for healing in body and soul… and as Frances Vaughan says, “Make friends with the Mystery” (refer to chant for these words)

*When chanted in the Hebrew it was expressed as healing of soul and then body, but when the English came it came out in reverse.


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