This Soul Is Pure

from the morning service

This Soul Is Pure in Hebrew
Elohai neshama s’nata bi 3x
T’hora hi, T’hora hi
Oh my God the soul that you have given me, (given me) 3x
This soul is pure, this soul is pure.

There is nothing, I can do to taint this soul 2x
This soul is pure, this soul is pure, this soul is pure
This soul is pure — it comes from You.

This soul is pure, this soul is pure, it comes from You.

I am familiar with these words and their message of the soul’s purity, but what came in this chant was a particular emphasis. The chant and message that came through was: “no matter what I do that causes shame or embarrassment or disappointment in myself, I don’t have the ability or power to taint the purity of my soul.” The purity of all of our souls is at such a deep and abiding and everlasting level because it comes from God. It is not permeable, it cannot be smeared or marked with impurity.

There was something powerful about this learning. To know that inside me and all of us, there is a place of purity that can never be changed no matter what we do. Somehow this offered comfort to the places that can feel less than enough. May it be so for all of us that we know the good and pure inside ourselves and lead our thoughts, actions and deeds from this place of worthiness. Amen.


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