Trust: Psalm 84:13


Adonai tz’va’aot, ashrei adam botechah bach
“Adonai of Hosts, fortunate is the person who trusts in You”

My interpretation: God in charge of angelic beings, help us to know we can be happy if we can push our ego/fear aside and allow ourselves to rely upon you.

The Hebrew word for trust “bitachon” means to rest/lean on something or someone. I experienced loss at the age of thirteen and since that time I never felt I could trust God or the universe and yet… looking back upon the trauma I see that God was there with me every step along the way. This chant calls out to God to help us develop a consciousness of trust and to become conscious of what gets in the way of trusting. When we live our lives with trust they look very different from an untrusted life… less anxiety, fear and worry.


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