V’havienu L’ Shalom

Angelic Realm of Peace, Light and Love

V’havienu L’shalom 3x
V’havienu Uriel
V’havienu Micha’el
V’havienu Rafa’el

V’havienu Gavri’el
V’havienu Shechinat-el
V’havienu L’Shalom

May I be blessed with light and love 3x
with healing of my body and soul 3x

May I be blessed with inner strength 2x
and the grace and love of Shechinah.

This prayer is part of the great love (Ahava Rabbah) prayer that precedes the Shema. It speaks of bringing us safely towards peace, and I was inspired to use it to invite in the angelic realm as a pathway towards peace.

The archangels are invoked at nighttime along with the Shema as a protection prayer. In addition to the 4 angels, we invoke Shechinah, the feminine present of God, who is thought to dwell above our heads. With Uriel in front of us, Micha’el to the right, Rafa’el behind us and Gavri’el at our left hand, we are surrounded on all sides and above our heads with the angels.

May this practice bring peace, light and love.


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