You Belong to Me

Exodus 33:21

You Belong to Me in Hebrew
Hinei Makom Eti
There is a place for you with Me
The Mystery assures you belong to Me

This verse in Parsha Ki Tisa was brought to my attention and translated by Rabbi Yael Levy in her book Directing the Heart. She often uses the metaphor of Mystery for God. But what struck me so powerfully is that the Mystery/God/Shechinah is assuring a place for me… little ole me.. I didn’t know God cared! I added the words: “You belong to Me”. In the moment that this chant came to me it was as if a portal was opening up to a deep connection to the Mystery and I received the message that I belong to God… that we all do. When we are in a place where we don’t feel we belong, let us chant these words to remember there is a place for us and the deep connection is always available.


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