Fuel the Fire; Never Let it Die

Leviticus 6:6

Leviticus 6:6 in Hebrew
Fire always shall be kept burning on the altar; it shall not go out. (traditional translation)

Aish tamid tukad al Hamizbayach; 3x
Fuel the fire, never let it die.
Turn towards to your passion and your courage 3x
That is how I come into the World.
Through your words, deeds, your thoughts, your actions. 3x
That is how I come into the World.

This verse was first brought to my attention by Rabbi Shefa Gold. Years later, when I read Rabbi Yael Levy’s interpretation of Parshat Tzav in her book Directing the Heart, her words inspired me to create this version of the verse using her phrases. The rhythm of the chant builds to a feverish pace. The intention of the chant is to do 2 things:

  • To become aware of the things and thoughts and people we have filled our lives with that take away from our inner flame of aliveness.
  • To use the energy of the chant to feel the aliveness in our bodies. We want to fire up our energy field to plant this feeling of flowing life force and bring things, people, passion and experiences that ignite our full life force.

This verse of Torah coincided with preparation for Passover in 2021. This brought an added intention to search internally for what chametz is inside us that needs to be cleared out and does not serve to fuel our fire. In this way we make room for what does bring us to enlivened places in our lives animated, and present with our full life force.


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