God’s Blessing Lullaby of Unconditional Love

God's Blessing Lullaby in Hebrew
Sam’u et sh’mi
al b’nai yisrael; v’ani a’var’chem
I will place My Name upon you 2x
upon you 3x
and you will be blessed 2x

(Numbers 6:27)

June, 2020
This verse comes from the same Torah portion (Parshat Naso in the book of Numbers) as the Cohanim blessing, and it is often in 2nd place to that famous prayer. Yet when these words came to my attention, I wrote them down immediately as they resonated. Before I had even picked up my shruti (harmonium instrument in the background) I started to cry.

I felt like these words and the subsequent melody were not only about blessing but about initiation. I had had some challenging times with family members living with them during the pandemic. It seems I am always wanting people to be able to connect with me, see me and love me for all of who I am and to show interest and deep care. It seems many are not able to do this, even (or especially) if they are part of my nuclear family. These words made me feel held so deeply like a lullaby.

The medicine of the chant was to help me know and remember that God is not only placing God’s name upon me always, but that it permeates into my 3rd eye, heart, and solar plexus. This chant helps me awaken to this consciousness. When chanting these words and melody, it feels as if I am approaching the Priest/Priestess for an anointing blessing. With this blessing, I remember God holds me tight, and I can let go of other loved ones in my life who often disappoint and hurt me.

It also reminds me of the verse in Exodus 28:36 that describes the High Priest having the words/seal of “Holy to the Lord” on his forehead. Imprints of this nature are powerful. May this chant imprint itself on your soul for unconditional love.


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