Giving Thanks with a Native Indian Flavor (Psalm 136:1)

Hodu Hodu L’El ha shamayim v ha’aretz 2x
Kee L’olam hasdo, Kee l’olam 2x
kee m’olam rachamecha 2x

Giving Thanks to God of the heavens and the earth
For God’s goodness/kindness endures forever
Forever from the Compassion One

This chant is based on Psalm 136:1 and elaborated upon with the added words of heaven and earth and Compassionate One. According to the Metsuda Psalm book, Psalm 136 is considered to be the Great Halleluyah- because it praises God who sits “enthroned in the high heavens” who is concerned with supporting and maintaining every creature. I learned this from a spirit buddy Barbara Boyk Rust and while she was not sure who wrote it, one can hear the ancient call to the Source of All.


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