Life Affirming: Mayim Chayim

inspired by Genesis 24:16

Mayim Chayim, Mayim Chayim, Mayim Chayim, Ma YIM chayim 2x
Living water sustaining water, living water, all from the Source.

(November, 2020)
Many years ago my husband and I were taking a walk in the woods on Shabbat and as we came upon part of a bubbling stream. I was struck by its aliveness and
began to chant mayim chayyim. More recently Rabbi Yael Levy spoke about Genesis 24:16 teaching that the living waters/fountain/spring that Rebecca drew from sustained her in her gift of kindness and generosity in watering the camels as well as Eliezer in Parshat Chayei Sarah. This living well of water is the Source of nourishment for all of us and when we are using our gifts to give to the world we are sustained and not depleted. May we all dip into the well of Living Waters to nourish, sustain, enliven and inspire.


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