Seeing God’s Glory

Seeing God's Glory (Exodus 33:18) in Hebrew
Hareni na, et k’vodecha
Let me see please 2x
Your Presence, see Your Honor

(Exodus 33:18)

The concept of a monotheistic God without form is such a difficult concept. If we can’t see it, how can we be sure it exists. In Parshat Ki Tissa in the book of Exodus, the Israelites become frustrated as Moses is delayed atop the mountain and they become fearful their intermediary is no longer available to them. Without an intercessor, they resort to the old ways learned in Egypt of using animals as God, and built the Golden Calf. This they can see.

Moses also is challenged not being able to see a God who is charging him with difficult leadership. He asks to know God’s ways and to know God. Yet God demurs. For if anyone is to see God fully, they are destined to die. Yet Moses persists. “Please,” says Moses “let me see Your Glory/Your Presence.”

When we are in doubt and need to know God’s glory and presence, may these words help show us the way.


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