March for Our Lives: Enough is Enough

March 25th, 2018 by Rav Shoshana

March for our Lives: Enough is Enough March 25, 2018

There are times in life when one can pierce through the veil of separation and catch a glimpse into the Oneness of all life…

Yesterday was one such day…. People all over the country and all over the world poured out into the streets to remind the world and one another that “this is what democracy looks like.”

We have seen this before with the women’s march and the People’s climate march, but the March for our Lives march had a unique flavor never before tasted in our country… the children led us. When the purity of children’s souls speak truth, their words also pierce the veil of complacency and despair, and ignite the passion, fire and hope in all of our hearts and souls.

There were babies in strollers reminding us that we do this for future generations, retired teachers who were marching for their students, and the rest of us taking back our rights to show those who are supposed to represent us, that the NRA’s special interests have hijacked our most precious values: the safety and protection of all citizens. Golda Meir is famously quoted in the purse of (Middle East) peace that “peace will come when the Arabs start to love their children more than they hate us.” The same can be said about politicians and the NRA, “when they value life more than money, there will be gun control laws that make sense even for hunters and gun lovers.”

Like all things in life, this cannot be a stand-alone event, a one time, feel good, look what we did Instagram and Facebook post.

Each of us in our own way has to take a piece of this inspired story and move it one step further- to join already established organizations with like-minded people who can continue the agenda in state capitols, DC and additional marches.

So order your orange T-shirt now, because June 2nd is National Gun Violence Awareness Day and the march for our lives, our democracy and the values of our country continue.

Let this issue live inside us as a fiery passion as if our lives depended upon it, because they do.

Rav Shoshana Mitrani Knapp has created a rabbinate based on the whispers, guidance and healing of the soul….through one one sessions, small groups and a monthly chant circle at the JCC in Manhattan she serves
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