Holocaust Hunger

April 12th, 2018 by Rav Shoshana

Yom Hashoah Nisan 27, 5778~April 12, 2018

I’m hungry. My colonoscopy  takes place tomorrow and I’m following the clear liquid  protocol  diet to clean out the system. Feeling hungry I go to the kitchen to scavenge for the requisite Jello, broth or fruit pops and that’s when I see them. There they are- 6 candles burning from last night when we lite them in memory of the 6 million who died in the Holocaust. I think… you are hungry… who are you kidding…you had a good breakfast this morning and a good dinner last night with plenty of food yesterday and you’ll eat again tomorrow…You’re hungry…girlfriend, you have no idea what hunger is… “Try having a tin plate and spoon that could never hold enough to satisfy the incessant gnawing hunger.”*

I am embarrassed in front of myself. I light candles for those who are no longer here, but I have no insight, conception or possible understanding of what any of them went through as they tried to survive, let alone for those who were gassed or killed.


I go back to my broth and Jello with a new perspective. Not just yearning for food for my body, but yearning for understanding, depth and connection to 6 million of my brethren… people I will never know, but human beings whose stories I need to know and understand. Yes because they were and still are part of my tribe, and also because their collective story speaks to the responsibilities of future generations to uphold the values of justice and respect and safety for all those who draw the breath of life.


God grant me the wisdom and guidance to know how to do this and the gratitude for this privileged journey… a journey that’s not taking place in a concentration camp- with fear, terror and sorrow as my constant diet.





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