Make for Me a Place for My Spirit

Exodus 25:8

V’asu li, v’asuli, v’asu li mikdash, v’shachanti b’tocham. 2x

Make for Me/me, Make for Me/me, a place for My Spirit. so I can dwell with You.
Make for Me/me, Make for Me/me, a place for My Spirit, I want to dwell with You.
Make for Me/me, Make for Me/me, a sacred place filled with Your/your love.

(February, 2020)
It had been busy and good week, but with Mercury in retrograde when things can be topsy-turvy, I was feeling its effect deeply in my body. A kind of vibrating, shaking to the point that I was concerned I had high blood pressure, a lack of electrolytes or losing my mind! But co-leading a chant circle with my dear soul mate Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder somehow grounded me. We gathered — she and I along with six delicious soulful women all who desired and continue to desire to connect to the deepest part of themselves, to Source and to others. It was a powerful, uplifting, deep place of Spirit.

As I woke up the next morning these words came to me and as I chanted them I was reminded of what one of the women Janet Rudolph ( shared as we chanted the Altar of Earth chant (Connecting Earth to Heaven). She said this is reciprocal. We are wanting to make an altar/sacred place for God and God also wants to make an altar/sacred place for us to dwell. It’s reciprocal; thus the upper- and lower-case M and Y for us and god.

May the words and melody of this chant offer a gentle pathway of sacred dwelling place for us to dwell with God and for God to dwell with us.


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